Could The Vancouver Canucks Pull Games On Radio In-House?

Tuesday, August 9th EDIT:

The Mighty Q posted that on Twitter this AM, announcing that John Derringer and the station have “agreed to part ways”. This comes after multiple allegations of workplace harassment against Derringer in which the station was made aware of the behavior became public. The station stated that their investigation remains ongoing and that an announcement about a new host(s) will also follow.

Derringer was at the Q for 22 years. Before that, he was a popular host at The Fan 590.


Back in Seattle after visiting the GTA and the Detroit area for a few weeks. Lots of impressions to report on and things I heard and saw as we get ready to roll back into fall. The podcast will start up again too.

However, the one thing I am hearing the most right now is that the Vancouver Canucks could pull their games off the radio airwaves as soon as this season. Multiple sources are telling me the decision has been, do they pull the games this season or next, however, it appears it could very well happen this season after all.

I reached out to the team for clarity but was respectfully told “no comment”.

Given the turmoil in the Vancouver sports radio world, the move shouldn’t be a total shock. This is a movement happening in other USA markets in other sports, so it wouldn’t be the first.

With the regular season about 2 months away and no firm news out there it appears in-house is more and more likely.

Let’s see where this goes.




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  1. Jonah
    Hello thank you for your article.

    We just wish to state our extreme disapproval for the Canucks ditching radio coverage for games.


    Thank you for your time 😫


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