Rogers Selling Monday Night NHL Games To Amazon?

As anticipation builds for this years playoffs, there is news brewing about the upcoming NHL season, whispers in the sports world hint at a potential game-changing move: Amazon’s potential takeover of the entire Monday night package from Rogers. While details remain scarce, the murmurs suggest that Rogers, burdened by the weight of the deal, may be looking to offload the Monday night games to the Seattle-based tech giant.

This isn’t just any casual chatter; insiders reveal that discussions are underway, with Amazon poised to step into the spotlight for Monday night games, including playoffs, for the remaining two years of Rogers’ contract.

The implications of such a move extend beyond the realm of sports. Amazon’s interest in securing a foothold in the NHL broadcasting arena speaks volumes about the company’s broader strategy. With deep ties to the NHL and a robust Prime platform, Amazon is positioning itself to compete head-to-head with industry giants like Walmart and Loblaws, particularly in the fiercely competitive grocery sector.

Behind the scenes, technical arrangements between Amazon and Sportsnet are said to be in place, smoothing the transition for what could be a seismic shift in the sports broadcasting landscape.

But what does this mean for the future of broadcasting hockey in Canada? Could this be the beginning of a deeper partnership between Amazon and the NHL? Some industry insiders believe so, speculating that an American streaming powerhouse could eventually eclipse traditional broadcasters like Rogers and Bell, reshaping how we consume hockey in Canada.

While the ink has yet to dry on any formal agreements, the buzz surrounding this potential deal is undeniable. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as the story unfolds.

Stay tuned for more insights and analysis as the situation develops.



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