Two NHL Broadcast Legends Retire, Light Shines On NHL & AN NHL Official In The Pressrow

John Garrett Announces His Retirement From Broadcasting

In a heartfelt announcement last night, the legendary NHL play-by-play announcer, John Garrett, revealed his decision to retire from broadcasting after an illustrious career spanning four decades. Known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the game, quick wit, and unmistakable voice, Garrett has been an integral part of the hockey community since he first stepped into the booth in the 1980s. As fans and colleagues alike pay tribute to his storied career, it’s clear that Garrett’s impact on the sport of hockey is immeasurable.

Over the years, Garrett has provided commentary for countless memorable moments in NHL history, offering keen insights and colorful anecdotes that have helped make the game accessible and engaging for both casual and die-hard fans. His passion for the sport and enthusiasm for storytelling have made him a beloved figure in the hockey world. Garrett’s rapport with his fellow broadcasters has not only created enjoyable on-air dynamics but also fostered genuine friendships that extend beyond the rink.

As John Garrett takes his final bow in the broadcast booth, the NHL and its fans will surely miss his remarkable presence and expertise. His retirement leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered and celebrated for years to come. The next generation of play-by-play announcers will have big shoes to fill, as they strive to carry on the tradition of excellence that Garrett has exemplified throughout his career. We wish John Garrett all the best in his retirement and thank him for the countless memories and contributions he has made to the sport we all love.

As we wrote about here, as the legends start to ride off into the sunset, who will replace them becomes more and more important.

Steve Coates Too!

In a separate but equally impactful announcement, Steve Coates, the esteemed play-by-play announcer for the Philadelphia Flyers, has also declared his retirement from broadcasting. For more than three decades, Coates has been the unmistakable voice behind the microphone for Flyers fans, effortlessly conveying the excitement, tension, and drama that encapsulates the sport of hockey. Known for his exceptional knowledge of the game and his genuine love for the Flyers, Coates has masterfully painted vivid pictures of the on-ice action for countless listeners, making him a beloved figure in the City of Brotherly Love. Through the years, Coates has been a witness to the highs and lows of the franchise, chronicling the team’s most triumphant victories and heartbreaking losses. His deep understanding of the game, combined with his distinct storytelling ability, has made him an irreplaceable fixture in the Philadelphia sports landscape. As Steve Coates hangs up his headset, the Flyers and their dedicated fanbase will undoubtedly feel the void left by his departure. However, his contributions to the team and the sport will live on, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of broadcasters who endeavor to capture the spirit of hockey as masterfully as Coates did during his remarkable tenure.

Traitor Bob?

Some are trying to make a news story out of a non-news story in my opinion. Yes, Bob McKenzie while “retired” does still appear on TSN earning a paycheck. However, his son does the same thing for the competitor and I would imagine that Bob appreciates the fact that there are opportunities out there for his kids in the industry regardless of the competitive nature of the industry.

If you haven’t seen it, below is the post I am referring to.

Here is my take: First and foremost, it’s funny and we all, with all due respect need to lighten up. Second, it’s family. Third, my take is that the powers that be at TSN fully trust Bob and know the respect he has for the brand and they would see this for what it is.  An industry veteran asked me, however, if Bob worked at Sportsnet and Shawn at TSN and this happened, would Sportsnet take this quietly?

In this instance, this is not a story. Perhaps some folks need to drink some of Bob’s tequila!

Some Good News

I think, and it’s my own opinion that the most rationale take on this was from Brian Burke:


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