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I have been diligently working on my post-summer hibernation article when news broke that the higher-ups at Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590 have decided to shuffle their lineup yet again. Despite the saying that the past is a reliable indicator of the future, I find myself surprised by the changes, which have been confirmed by multiple sources this evening. It seems like official confirmations will be released as soon as tomorrow.

This development doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as there were hints leading up to it, notably a recent announcement by Sportsnet:”

Well, folks, it seems the summer rumors regarding changes to the lineup were indeed true. Nothing seems to be ever safe at the station or in the world of sports radio.

Alish Forfar and Justin Cuthbert, the once newly appointed hosts of the morning show, have been relocated to the Toronto Maple Leafs radio pre-game and intermissions, leaving them without a regular show.

So, who has the task of taking over the mornings? That responsibility falls to Ben Ennis and Brent Gunning, who some might recognize as the co-hosts of “Leafs Nation” and “The Golf Show.”

But wait, wasn’t Ennis formerly handling the afternoon drive slot? Well, that slot will now be occupied by Nick Kypreos, Justin Bourne, and the whole Real Kyper crew. Though exact timings remain a bit unclear, it seems the new schedule, with Real Kyper taking the 4-6 time slot, won’t come into full swing until around October. As for the Bunkis and Raptors shows, it appears they will retain their current slots, at least for now.

Here are my musings on the shake-up:

Positioning Real Kypreos opposite “OverDrive” can be seen as a Power vs. Power strategy. Personally, I would have liked to see someone like Blake Murphy added to the Kypreos show to bring a bit more balance, but alas, nobody asked me.

I can’t wrap my head around the decision to move Alish and Cuthbert so hastily. Sure, they weren’t everyone’s favorite, but they were evolving, gelling well as a team, and gradually finding their groove. Rushing such changes feels premature and overlooks the budding talent that deserved time to flourish. The decision, frankly, seems unnecessary and a waste of potential.

Ben Ennis’ situation also invokes sympathy. Has anyone shown more loyalty to the station, save for perhaps Roger Lajoie? Ennis deserved the opportunity to cultivate a steady audience and following, especially considering the promising start with Brunt and subsequent partnership with Blake. The frequent changes not only undermine his efforts but might also be a ticking time bomb, heralding yet another reshuffle down the line.

In conclusion, loyal listeners find themselves needing to review the program schedule once again to track the ongoing shuffles at Sportsnet’s Fan 590. The incessant lineup alterations, akin to a perpetual rearrangement of deck chairs, might well be contributing to the dwindling listener base.

Let’s hope that the station considers giving their talent the time and stability they need to foster genuine connections with their audience, instead of perpetuating this cycle of change.

It’s good to be back after a summer lull. Stay tuned lots more to come.




Born and raised in Toronto, Jonah Sigel is currently based in Seattle, WA. An avid sports fan, Jonah took to writing about the sports media world back in 2004 with two young kids at home, a new job and a return to Toronto. The interest grew and grew to include the former website, the twitter handle @yyzsportsmedia, the PressRow podcast and now the all new

10 Replies to “Lineup Changes At Sportsnet Fan 590”

  1. Who even listens to 590 any more.?There is no room for two sports stations in Toronto and 1050 has clearly come out on top (mostly due to inept management at 590)…show the numbers

  2. If I’m honest, I haven’t really listened to the fan on a regular basis since about 6 months after they fired Bob McCown. (Get well soon bobcat)

    I’ll flip to it now and then or if a leaf or Jays game is on and I’m in the car but not just leave the station locked on 590 like back in the day. They seem to be treating their talent as interchangeable cogs and they may be worse off for it. Let the shows develop chemistry and see what happens seems to be a lost art. That said I like Ennis and sorta hope he’s on every time I pop back in. Good to know he’s doing mornings. I may pop back in more often in the AM now

  3. I agree it his a head scratcher isn’t it. Good move with Kiper and Bourne , what about Sammy Mckee? I thought the 3 of them had great chemistry? They definitely need a third host with more than hockey knowledge. Not the to say the others don’t.

  4. can’t listen to the afternoon drive time show anymore since McCown left. Forced to listen to 1050 (ugh)
    noting else on 1050 is worth listening to unless live play by play. but… everytime I get to like someone on FAN590, they get switched

    1. Alish was improving week to week. Ben is fine. Guning takes 5 minutes to get to any point. He exemplifies the phrase “to make a long story endless….” Even when they have guests it takes him 2 mins or more to actually get to the question. Because they can fill airtime and talk alot doesn’t make them good radio hosts. Bunkis also suffers from not knowing when to shut up. Sam MacKee is great in any situation. Alish and Sam would work well. I like Kyper and Bourne but it means they only do hockey. Too many changes aren’t always a reflection of the talent but actually shows management is not effective. I seriously don’t understand how people can enjoy Bunkis or Guning. Too much talk to make even a trivial point which isn’t terrible insightful.

  5. I agree with most of your assessments. I thought the morning show was getting better and better. I do like Ben so I am okay with the switch, but do enjoy the current show and will miss the duo. I am glad that real Kyper and Bourne is back on as it is my favorite. Personally, I wish it was still 3 to 5 as that is when I am usually driving home. As for Blake Murphy sometimes he needs to be quiet and let the guests talk. He has valuable insight however, often talks to much. I don’t mind him on talk shows, but when he does colour for the Jays I have to turn the channel. Hopefully he sticks to talk radio. I still wish they had a show like Prime Time which talked about all different sports not just Toronto. I will say it. I still miss Bob.

    1. I miss Bob too. He’s one of the best on the planet in my opinion. Blair and Barker are very easy to listen to. They have great chemistry knowledge of the all-around game on and off the field. Alish and Cutbert were also a very easy listen. I think the higher ups at Sportsnet are the ones that need to be replaced.

  6. Time will tell with these changes? Do feel sorry for Ben, after all his years being moved to 6am!
    My listening habits changed drastically when they dropped “score / news/ updates”!!! They may think the “station is so much more than ‘the scores'”, but it isn’t. I don’t have any desire to listen to American CBS radio when it comes on, but at least they keep you up to speed with scores!!!

  7. Thank the baby Jesus that Ben Ennis is gone. He would hardly let the guests talk. I am pretty sure he got paid by the word. Man it has been horrible without, first, the Bobcat and then Stephen Brunt. Can’t Sportsnet get someone decent?

  8. Why do we need the Leafs preshow? So dumb. After show yes, before, no. Just to hear predictions and some interviews with players or coach about predictions? No thanks. Wast o time!

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