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Kevin Donovan is a well-known journalist and reporter for the Toronto Star, one of Canada’s leading newspapers. Throughout his career, Donovan has covered a wide range of topics, from local news to national politics, and has earned a reputation for his thorough reporting and in-depth investigations.

One of Donovan’s most notable achievements is his coverage of the Rob Ford scandal, which involved the former Toronto mayor’s admitted use of crack cocaine. Donovan was one of the first reporters to break the story, and his reporting helped bring the issue to national attention. He also wrote a book about the scandal called “Ford Nation: Two Brothers, One Vision: The True Story of the People’s Mayor.”

In addition to his coverage of the Ford scandal, Donovan has also reported on a number of other high-profile stories, including the case of serial killer Bruce McArthur and the investigation into the death of a young girl named Katelynn Sampson. He is a skilled journalist and has a reputation for his thorough and in-depth reporting.

Donovan’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including a National Newspaper Award and a Canadian Association of Journalists award. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Michener Award for public service journalism.

Despite his many accomplishments, Donovan remains a humble and dedicated journalist who is committed to uncovering the truth and holding those in power accountable. He continues to work tirelessly to produce high-quality, informative, and engaging journalism for the Toronto Star and its readers.

Overall, Kevin Donovan is a respected journalist and reporter who has made significant contributions to the field of journalism in Canada. His hard work and dedication have helped bring important stories to light, and his contributions to the field are sure to be remembered for years to come.

In this episode of The Pressrow, Jonah talks with Kevin about:

Kevin’s start in the journalism world 
Getting into investigative journalism 
Making relationships with the police to get better stories 
The Carlton University story 
The pivot in investigative journalism 
The Sherman Case 

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